ED, erectile dysfunction, is mainly a vascular or blood flow issue. Having specialized in men’s health and wellness for a very long time I wanted to take a more regenerative approach to ED, correcting the problem at its source. I wanted to take an approach without using a lot of pharmaceuticals, something a little more natural to improve the function of the actual penile health and increasing the vasculature and stimulating growth factors.

What we found through the research is we saw that Pressure Wave which is also used to successfully treat many conditions ranging from muscle, bone and tissue could also be used for the penile tissue as well because it can regenerate blood vessel and increase blood flow. We wanted to take care of the problem at its source, and a lot of times, the source of the problem is the blood flow issue, we found that Pressure Wave Technology was able to increase growth factor levels, which in turn, create and produce new blood vessels on top of it.

Through the practice of using Pressure Wave we have been able to help many patients regain function of their erectile function without having to administer drugs or other types of invasive procedures, like surgery, or have the side effects of Viagra and Cialis.

The widely used ED treatments of Viagra, or sildenafil, were originally invented as medications for pulmonary hypertension. These types of medications weren’t created for the penis. These medications were created for something different. When you’re taking a pill, if you think about it, every time you take a pill, it goes everywhere in the body. The medication goes in the blood stream, and not only goes in the penile tissue, but it goes into your heart, lungs, brains, eyes, ears, stomach, everything else. Many patients experience really profound side effects with these types of medications. They’re not really made to rehabilitate or rejuvenate the penile tissue, it’s really just a band-aid.

Pressure Wave technology, on the other hand, is used to take care of the problem at the root, take care of that vascular problem, take care of that blood flow issue, and help stimulate the body to restore those areas of damage, particularly the blood vessels and create something, what we call angiogenesis, or new blood vessel formation.

We’re helping the current blood vessels get healthier and grow. So you’re looking at two different things here. You’re looking at a temporary fix with the pills, but you’re looking at a permanent fix and or a regenerative fix with pressure wave technology.

The treatment it’s a virtually painless procedure. It sounds like it could be something invasive, but it’s actually not. Pressure Wave is a device that we use to emit sound waves into the penile tissue. It goes directly into the shaft, but there’s really no pain, and no side effects with it. So by using this Pressure Wave Technology, the sound waves are entering the penile tissue and actually stimulating the blood vessels to regrow, if you will.

Patients come in twice a week for three weeks for sessions that last five to ten minutes and they’re out the door. So it’s a very quick, painless, and easy procedure to perform in the doctor’s office.

A lot of men are looking for immediate results and to solve the problem as quickly as they possibly can. The Pressure Wave protocol suggests about six to eight treatments, but I’ve had some patients start realizing some improvement as early as two treatments. Other cases such as older gentleman who may have diabetes or other medical problems may take a little bit longer to see results.

The feedback has been phenomenal. Patients of mine have seen remarkable improvements in their sexual functions. Patients are happy because it’s a very painless and quick procedure, and it’s not invasive.
Most men, who have had any type of erectile dysfunction at some point whether it’s early or late, are definitely a candidate for pressure wave technology. It is a very preventative and regenerative approach to treating ED.

If you suffer from, ED why should you consider Pressure Wave Therapy?

This may sound very cliché, but you have got nothing to lose really with this. This is something that’s revolutionary, innovative, and that can certainly help them and really, without any side effects. About 80 to 90% of our patients that we’ve used this on, we’ve seen positive responses from it, we’ve been able to restore their function with it.

The results are just astounding.

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