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    Shockwave Canada is a Canadian medical device company specializing in the world’s most effective Shockwave technology, reporting a 91% success rate according to clinical studies.



    The Shockwave Canada’s device is hand made in Switzerland by STORZ. Our devices are used in teaching institutions as part of the curriculum. Teaching institutions such as the University of Calgary, University of Toronto, Carlton University, Queens University, CMCC (chiropractic college), Duke University, and Cleveland clinic all have the device as part of their curriculum. Numerous professional sports teams rely on our device to help athletes recover faster. The NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS and the ATP tour all use shockwave technology to help their athletes recover. Shockwave Canada is committed to innovation. Releasing a new, safer handpiece that brings the focus back to the patient and away from the machine. Shockwave Canada has many different models to choose from to meet the specific needs of the health care professional. There are no side effects associated with shockwave therapy.  

    With 24/7 medical support, low maintenance costs, and many studies supporting shockwave Canada’s devices.

    Shockwave Canada provides “Storz” the world’s #1 selling, advanced shockwave technology, worldwide. Leading healthcare professionals use the power of “Storz” to specialize in a wide variety of medical disciplines including; Orthopedics, Podiatry, Urology, Chiropractic, Pain Management and many others. Additionally, Shockwave Canada provides “Storz” devices to leading teaching institutions.

    We invite you to discover why Shockwave Canada is chosen over any other Shockwave equipment.

    Discover how Shockwave Canada leverages over 75 years of medical research and development through world-renowned medical manufacturer, STORZ.



    Shockwave Canada provides healthcare professionals an opportunity to achieve faster healing with extraordinary results for your patients and your practice with Storz Shockwave devices.

    Shockwave Canada is a medical device company specializing in the world’s most effective Shockwave technology reporting a 91 % success rate according to clinical studies. Shockwave Canada provides “Storz”, the world’s most advanced Shockwave technology to leading healthcare professionals specializing in a wide variety of medical disciplines including;

    Orthopedics, Podiatry, Urology, Chiropractic, Pain Management, Sports Medicine and many others.

    Additionally, Shockwave Canada provides the technology to teaching institutions throughout Canada.

    Shockwave Canada is also committed to providing robust education and information to patients about how non-invasive Shockwave technology works and how it can successfully address acute and chronic pain. The benefits of Shockwave technology as a non-surgical way of treating pain, is clearly becoming the most popular treatment.

    Millions of patients worldwide have benefited from Shockwave technology which is sometimes referred to as Pressure Wave or EPAT. It is producing extraordinarily successful results.

    Shockwave Canada sells more Shockwave technology equipment to more healthcare practitioners than anyone. Providing the very best equipment, superior service, marketing support and patient education results in physicians being able to provide the absolute best care while increasing revenues and for patients to experience a significant reduction in pain improving the overall quality of life.


    Shockwave Canada is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the world’s #1 selling brand of advanced shockwave technology devices and is the first to bring this technology to the North American market. We believe in better therapies through new technology; a philosophy the Storz brand embraces as a leading manufacturer of medical equipment since 1941. Their mission is to continually improve shockwave technology, to develop new system concepts, and to identify new therapy indications in close cooperation with leading medical institutes.



    The pioneering “Single Frame Casing” of the MASTERPULS® “ultra” is impressive because of its innovative three-dimensional design. Clear lines and a front that resembles a shockwave signal power, reliability and path-breaking efficiency.